Transact RX logo, a medical group purchasing organization partner of MPPG

TransactRx is the nation’s leading Medicare Part D Billing Solution for Healthcare Providers. TransactRx enables healthcare professionals to bill for Medicare Part D-covered vaccines with minimal time and effort. Their service is designed for physician offices, shot clinics and health departments, visiting nurses as well as all other healthcare providers who administer vaccines covered by Medicare Part D.

TransactRx provides physicians and other healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to overcome the billing challenges associated with administering vaccines covered by Medicare Part D. Instead of filing paper claims or asking patients to pay full cost out of pocket, providers using TransactRx’s part D Vaccine Manager can easily submit Medicare Part D claims electronically.


What do we really like about Transact Rx?

  • Little to zero training required
  • No coding
  • No billing
  • NO FEE! It’s 100% Free!!

Providing Medicare Part D vaccines for your Medicare patients is a lot easier with the help of TransactRx.