Reduce Costs by Decreasing Patient No-Shows

on Feb 20, 2018 in news

2/20/18 This article by Fierce Healthcare.com shares 4 steps to cut down on patient no-shows.  This is a frustrating and costly problem for many practices but can be improved. Educate patients on the importance of showing up for appointments Prioritize patient accessibility and answer every incoming call Increase internal awareness and attention Adopt specialized, flexible approaches for each medical...

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Influenza Vaccine May Be a Life Saver

on Feb 19, 2018 in news

2/19/18 This is a poignant story shared and reported in The Washington Post.  It’s a mother’s reflection on her child’s fight with influenza and why he survived.  It also reports on another mother’s story that unfortunately, did not end as well.  Pediatricians may appreciate sharing these mothers’ experiences or the article itself to encourage parents to vaccinate their children against flu each...

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HD Flu Vaccine Higher Efficacy in Elderly

on Feb 16, 2018 in news

2/15/18 A study published yesterday in The Journal of Infectious Diseases reported the high-dose Influenza vaccine is 38% more effective in preventing laboratory confirmed flu in the elderly when compared to the standard flu vaccine.  There were other advantages reported as in the reduction in hospitalizations.  The study authors said that this adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting the high-dose influenza vaccine should be the choice for use in the senior population. Fluzone High-Dose Vaccine Prescribing Information 2017-2018...

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It’s Preteen Vaccination Week

on Feb 13, 2018 in news

2/13/18 It’s that designated week, February 11-17 to remind practices and parents alike to review the immunization status of their preteen patients or children.  There are several practice resources and suggestions to assist physicians in this important...

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Wednesday Wisdom

on Feb 7, 2018 in news

2/7/18  “Say good-bye to vaccine manufactures’ invoices that make you cry.  Don’t let these vaccine bills mount, save big with a physicians’ buying group contracted discount. Start to feel fine by improving your practice’s bottom line.  It’s really not hard, continue to order vaccines direct for this improved effect, simply join MPPG today and soon you’ll be saying...

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ACIP 2018 Immunization Schedules

on Feb 6, 2018 in news

2/6/18 The ACIP’s 2018 Immunization Schedules and recommendations for all age groups & catch ups are now available on the CDC’s website.  There have been some important changes from the 2017 schedule, particularly for adults.  These updates range from Shingles and MMR vaccines to wording on other vaccine recommendations. The versions of the schedules for your iOS or Android devices will not be available until early...

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